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Briers Home Furnishings - 2025 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Briers Home Furnishings in Kitsilano

Briers Home Furnishings

2025 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1N3
Phone: (604) 738-0379

Showroom Hours

  • Sun. 11:00am—6:00pm
  • Mon-Sat. 10:00am—6:00pm

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Furniture Showroom Information

Briers Home Furnishings was opened on Boxing Day of 2012, and is now open 7 days a week for anyone interested in Modern Home Furnishings in the Vancouver Kitsilano region. Our Home Furnishings Showroom directly supports our website, and stocks many of the furnishings and home decor accessories that you can find on our website (see the current list here).

We have put in our best effort to make Briers Home Furnishings, the best place to buy furniture in Vancouver, and we have applied all of the favorite things Vancouver has always loved about our first store, so look out for:

  • Special Condo Sized Furnishings
  • Affordable Prices and no nonsense Comissions, ‘Discount’ Sales, and other Sales Gimicks
  • Something new and fresh every time you visit
  • Fashion Boutique Feel with Passionately Handpicked Products
  • Friendly and knowledgable staff who will help you make smart decorating decisions
  • Store integration with, use our complimentary iPads to shop in store!

Current Furniture Pieces on our West 4th Showroom